How to Become a Fire Ninja

To become a Fire Ninja you must first be a normal Ninja. Enter the ninja hideout and then go into the Water Ninja place:

Click on the instructions so you know what you are doing:

Talk to the Sensei and he will give you some more cards. Now click 'Earn your Fire Suit'. Play a match with up to four players.

Keep on doing this until you earn all of your items. When you have all your items walk up to the Sensei and click 'Challenge Sensei'
As I said in the 'How to Become a Ninja', tutorial, it will be much easier if you have unlocked cards from Card-Jitsu packs like me.

When you beat him, a message will pop-up, as always when you win a game and Card-Jitsu Fire

He will give you the Fire Gem and you will obtain  it to your amulet
Hope this helped!

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