Apply for an author

So you want to be an author of CCP? All you have to do is leave a comment on this page with these details:
  • Penguin name
  • Contact information(Twitter, Youtube ETC, WE DO NOT CONTACT THROUGH XAT)
  • Do you own your own website?/ Do you already post on a website?
  • What will you post if you become an author?
  • Are you a member on Club Penguin?
  • How regularly will you post?
All you have to do is answer all these questions and you could be in the team! Good luck! (NOTE: This page is checked every Monday, Thursday and Saturday)


  1. If you look in to the telescope at the beakon there is a red light near the top right corner.

  2. .bobby joe162
    .i don't have either one
    .no i don't
    .new info, cheats (possibly glitches)and newest updates for parties and codes.
    .no i am not

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. 1.Peanut3141
    2. Twitter:Peanut3141cp Youtube:Peanut3141scpcheats
    3.I Own
    4.All The Newest Updates On Club Penguin

    1. I will only let you be an author if you don't copy. The last post you ever did on this blog had pictures from Squidward77.

  5. Im 0fuzzy101 on cp.
    I do own a website my email to contact me is My youtube is clapperthebrain.I am a member of club penguin. I will post 1 or 2 times a day. If I become an author I will post all the latest cheats, glitches, news, and more! Just so you know my website is: ~ 0fuzzy101

  6. I think I have decided for now just for this blog to be ran by me. My mind may change in the future though.