Monday, 1 April 2013

Knew This Was Coming

Hey Penguins People

As you may have noticed to start of this post I did not put an exclamation point.You may have also noticed that basically most things on this blog are not up-to-date. I am in the process of Quitting Club Penguin. I am not really enjoying it right now and I've kind of grown out of it. My membership ends in August, 5 months from now. After that I won't renew my membership any more.

What's happening to the website?!!

Good Question! If you have been following me on Twitter you may know that I like playing Minecraft. On this website from now on there will be Minecraft videos from my Youtube Channel. This website, my Twitter and my Youtube will all be getting a revamp to look more my look... Don't know really how to explain it...

My minecraft videos will be commentated by me and edited by me. If you think you might like my videos please subscribe to my Youtube Channel! As I'm writing this post I feel bad for you guys out there who came to my blog regularly, I just hope you like Minecraft. I am going to end this post of here asking if you guys want one more party before I quit CP? Please leave a comment letting me know. If no comments are left there will be no party. Another post will be out soon more detailed.

I am Cold Dude234...

Peace Out!

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