Friday, 4 January 2013

Penguin Style Cheats January 2013

Hey penguins!

I remember when I was making the January 2012 Penguin Style Cheats post! It's been a whole year already! Anyway, As you know Club Penguin didn't update Wednesday night but Last night instead. This morning I looked around the catalogue and found all the cheats for you guys! Here they all are:
For the first cheat click the smallest tree behind the guy to get the Sea Breeze for $450.
On the next page click the snowflake on the girl's shoe to get the Silver Stilettos for $275.
Then click the boy's left arm to get the Squiggle Shoes for $200.
On the page following up click the skull on the girls shirt to get the Cozy Orange Scarf for $200.
On the page after that click the paintbrush that the penguin is holding to get the Viking Helmet for $200.

Then click the paintbrush 3 more time to get the Blue Viking Helmet for $1200.
On the next page click the purple penguin's right arm to get the Tree Costume for $600.
Right after that on the next page click where the doorknob used to be to get the Bunny Slippers for $200.
The final cheat is on the last page of the catalogue. Click the pink penguin's right foot to get the Snowboard Boots for $275, the Toboggan Suit for $350 and The Tousled for $450.
It's really cool the Club Penguin added pages for the non-members, but for the older members of Club Penguin it will kind of be annoying because some rare items are buy-able now. I think that Club Penguin has certainly changed over the years a lot and the Spike Hike is going to be really exiting at Club Penguin. What are your thoughts on the new catalogue? Leave a comment and let us know!

-Cold Dude234

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