Thursday, 23 August 2012

Adventure Party 2012 Complete Walkthrough!

Hey penguins!

Recently the Adventure Party was released! First when you log in this message will pop up:
Click the 'X' on it and proceed to The Dock. At The Dock pick up the watermelon headband.

You also need to click on the big watermelon, it is on the wood sticking out of the snow.
 Next head over to The Cove and pick up the Pineapple Headband.
You also need to click the big pineapple.
For the last fruit go to The Forest. When you get to The Forest pick up the Apple Headband.
 After you've picked that item up click on the big apple.
Now that you have all the fruits if you are a member head down to the Snow Forts and enter the temple.
Go into the temple and navigate yourself to the last room. (I don't need to show you have to get to the last room because there is only two rooms in the temple). When in that room throw fruit (snowballs) into the tiki's mouth until he chews it.
When he FINALLY chews he will open the door out and the 1 set of bars on the three stone puffles.
Walk over to the watermelon and you will be able to pick up the watermelon costume.
Congratulations! This party isn't as good as I would've thought it would have been. Are you enjoying this party? Leave a comment and let us know!

-Cold Dude234

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