Thursday, 28 June 2012

Community Blog: Featured Igloos June 26th

Hey penguins!

Recently Happy77 posted on the Community Blog with some featured igloos! Hexgirl's igloo was nominated with this comment: You should really check out this penguin Hexgirl's igloo. It's so cool. It is a beautiful park. You should really look at it she would be so honored!

Nickadoo300's igloo was nominated with this comment: Nickadoo300 has a pretty awesome super villain igloo. Better hurry and look at it (he likes to change it a lot so hurry!!!)

And last but not least this was the comment that got Blkberry1220's igloo into the post: I really like Jangapanga's iggys... U guys should check out my Friend iggy Blkberry1220. U guys all did GREAT!! WADDLE ON CP

Which is your favourite? Leave a comment and let us know!

-Cold Dude234

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