Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Community Blog: Featured Igloos - June 12

Hey penguins!

Happy77 posted on the community blog today! She posted about some cool igloos penguins had submitted. The first igloo was Drpenguin193's igloo and was nominated by Darkice996 with this comment: "I met this penguin named Drpenguin193. He has the COOLEST igloo I've ever seen! When it comes to gold - No one can beat him! PLEASE check it out! Thanks!" 
This next one was nominated by Bypitti Bop and got Janga Paga's igloo in with this comment: "Hey CP! Please please plz check out Janga Panga!! She has the best igloo ever!! Please you have to see it! Thanks waddle on CP!!
The last one was Var3's igloo and nominated by Forest411 with this comment: "You really have to check out my buddy's igloo! He is Var3. He changes it A LOT. The first time I saw it he made it an airplane and the second time a kingdom! I hope you get to see them both but find it FAST! He might turn it into something else! Waddle On Cp!"
Out of all those three my favourite igloo was Var3's igloo. Make sure you leave comment on the community blog to nominate someone's igloo! Have you ever been in a community blog post? i know I have. leave a comment and let us know!

-Cold Dude234

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