Monday, 14 May 2012

Community Blog: Reviewed By You: Favourite Stories!

Hey penguins!

Happy77 has posted on the community Blog about our Favourite Stories! Here is one she liked by Ariane2005:

"Hey Guys can you guess what I do everyday? Yep I clean up where I live. I do that because there are animals that live there to. Like Birds,Stray Cats, Skunks, Deer, Insects, Mystery animal, Hedgehogs too. You see any backyard can be a habitat so help keep it clean no animal likes a dirty habitat. This idea was inspired by club penguin. I have been cleaning the habitat for years. One More Thing Waddle On C.P"

She also provided us with a picture of what I think is the lighthouse:
RBY Favorite Room.JPG

For the next Reviewed By You she wants to know what your favourite Club Penguin story is! If its really good it will be feature in next weeks reviewed by you and your penguin will earn 10,000 coins! Remember to make your story unique and don't copy of other people! Are you going to write a story? Leave a comment and let us know!

-Cold dude234

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