Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Community Blog: Reviewed By You - Heroes

Hey penguins!

Happy77 posted on the community Blog about your favourite Club Penguin Stories! Here is one she liked what was written by 127David
"Hi Happy77! I think it's great that so many penguins are working hard on saving the Earth. Anyway, my favorite Club Penguin story is Franky's First Show, which is sitting in the Book Room, where I like to read the yearbooks and play Mancala. I like it because it teaches the readers about following your dreams and to conquer your fears. It is a story that keeps you wanting to turn the page until the end. ? WADDLE ON ? P.S. I cant wait to see the wonderful wizardry  and magic going on at the Medieval Party. Thanks for the sneak peek!"

She inserted a picture of what looked like the pink meteor.
Happy77 - Sneak Peek_edit.jpg

For the next Reviewed By You she wants to know someone you think is a hero. She will be picking a random comment and feature it! The penguin in that comment will win 10,000 coins! Are you exited for the Super-hero party? Leave a comment and let us know!

-Cold dude234

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