Saturday, 14 April 2012

Membership: What's New for Membership April 2012!

Hey penguins!

Club penguin have recently updated their membership 'What's New!' page! Check it out!
  • Show off you wild side with rare animal costumes
  • Create your animal habitat with the Wildlife Den Igloo
  • Complete your igloo with Earth Day Inspired furniture
  • Coming In May: Prepare ye for an epic medieval story!
What do you think the earth day party will be like? Leave a comment and let us know!

-Cold dude234


  1. Got a hack that really works! Here are the steps.
    Post this on 5 pages login to club penguin
    Press F3 and F6 8 times
    And then you will have a lifetime membership,a golden puffle, all the stamps and items, 100000000000 coins, and a secret privet room on the map.

  2. Please ignore the last comment, might be deleting it soon. 😄

    -Cold dude234