Monday, 9 April 2012

Club Penguin: Arctic White Information

Hey penguins!

You might have seen a few white penguins here and there around the island, mostly on sleet, anyway, here is all the information.
Club Penguin unofficially released it, it is in their files but not available to buy in the game, ANY penguin who has this colour now, has hacked it, for example, using a trainer, thanks to Trainman1405 I was able to find the hex code, it is: F0F0D8.
Here is how it looks on a playercard:

Here is how it looks in you inventory:

Here is how it looks on your penguin:

Here is how it looks when you send a friend request to someone who has it

(I rattled of a quick e-mail to CP Support about this and I am still waiting for a reply)
Apparently, this colour will be available in the earth day party. Will you buy it when it comes out? Leave a comment and let us know!

-Cold dude234

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