Monday, 24 October 2011

club penguin birthday

Hey penguins!

yesterday and today are Club penguin's anniversary party! Aunt Arctic has arrived and she has a new BG
Aunt Arctic Tracker 2011
She is a rare mascot, I recommend you should track with lebronjr23's chat. Anyway as always there is a party hat. here is how to get it

  1. Go into the coffee shop.
  2. look up and find the pin on the screen

click the pin, it will pop all the balloons and then the party hat will fall, click on it the receive it
this party hat looks different from the others on a penguin's head, or is it jut me? see you soon! leave a comment of what you think of AA's new BG and the new party hat!


P.S. Cold dude234 already has AA's new background!

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