Wednesday, 14 September 2011

EXCLUSIVE: Halloween information 2011

Hey penguins!

First let me thank my friend trainman1405 for this information! here are some things that will be happening in the Halloween party!

  • There will be a Halloween Party like every year
  • There will be a free Ghost Costume like last year
  • Everyone, not just members, can explore the Haunted House
  • Trick-or-treat at spooky igloos seems like it’ll be something new
  • There will be a scavenger hunt with a special surprise at the end
  • The Stage will FINALLY be getting a new stage play! It’ll be along the lines of Night at the Living Sled. We haven’t gotten a new stage play since early 2009 with Norman Swarm Has Been Transformed. cool!
  • There will be a room called the Monster Catcher HQ
  • There will most likely be a igloo decorating contest
  • Lots of new items including unicorn costume, werewolf costume, and slimy swamp creature costumes
  • New Dark Chamber Maze for members
  • Monster Maker Room will return
  • There will be the Halloween Catalog like always
  • Members will be able to dress up their Puffles with hats soon!
please note! if you want to copy this give CREDIT TO TRAINMAN1405! Awesome! new play! what do you think? leave a comment and let us know!

-cold dude234

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