Sunday, 28 August 2011

The great snow race cheats 2011

Go to the ski village, enter the supply camp, there is a catalogue in the supply camp, click on the piece of paper in the corner
after that go through into the cave, you will be in the ice cavern
click on all the icicles. after that you will be at the base camp, after that you will be in some other place. you have to complete a puzzle,

first roll over the snow that has a box around it, then click on the twig, keep on clicking on it, when you can't click on it any more click on the axe, again click on that till you can't click on it any more. then throw snowball's at the icicles. the log should fall and you should be able to get through to the other side! to the mountain top!
 you can gain a free green summit helmet! what do you think of this party? I think it was quite boring. Gary didn't turn up after all D= let us know in the comments!

-cold dude234, owner of CCP

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