Friday, 19 August 2011

Club Penguin Herbert Theory!

Yes, we have posted this but this is my theory of Herbert!
People say he will attack the Light-House I agree he will, But Klutzy
might be trying to destroy the AC 3000 A.K.A (Air Blower) located at the Ski-Village
as you can see Klutzy in the back-round.  People think that Herbert will-
destroy the Light-House and the ‘Blackout’ will
finally cover Club Penguin but that is not possible as
Club Penguin is huge or could this be the first appearance
of the ‘Shadow Ninjas’ which is a common rumor.
also the Light-House is mostly used to guide Rockhopper
and maybe in the ‘Future’ boat’s and visitor’s. Also near the end when you
complete the new System Defender level! the ‘Director’ and G with Jet-PackGuy
give information mostly the ‘Director’ also G said – “His hideout is at the Toughest Mountain. I knew it! We can begin our next operation!” But Herbert hate’s the cold! Also here are some pictures of the Director’s messages on the Penguin Time’s..

If you click on the EPF badge as you can see a- message like this will come up…

“Blast location with cold air?” Herbert is all-ready living in the cold but he hate’s the cold!!Hmmm, suspicious as Klutzy or Herbert Might try to Destroy the AC 3000 A.K.A  (Air-blower) I think there on to the EPF! for more detail’s scroll two the top. Finally, I think I know why Club Penguin released the Great Snow Race to all the public including Non-Members… I think that’s our next assignment.. Here’s a suspicious picture of Herbert….

What’s that in his hand… it’s a spanner. Club Penguin are a bit lazy in the back-round you can see the Coffee-Shop, Dance-Club and Gift-Shop are all decorated correct me if I’m wrong in the comment’s that those building’s were on the home screen during the puffle party! What do you think. Leave a comment.

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