Friday, 22 July 2011

cream soda scavenger hunt cheats

At this years adventure party there is a cream soda scavenger hunt and here is what to do:
  1. go to the pizza parlour, there should be a note on the wall, click on that
2. once you have that go to the migrator, where the cream soda is usually, there will be a note, click that and you will have the eye-pach pin

Then go to the iceberg and throw loads of fish at the shadow in the bottom left hand corner and a note will appear, click on that note and you will receive a telescope pin

Then, go to the dock, you will have to build a ship, once you have done that another note will appear, click that and you will receive the tropical feather pin

Then go to the jungle place... do the bit with the birds then you will earn a stamp, pick up the old key pin by clicking the note in the birds nest,

Once you have that go to the cove... Put on your miners helmet and then dig on the cross, when you have done that, the cream soda and a hat will appear, pick up the hat and a note will appear

i hoped this helped!

-flame boy cp

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