Wednesday, 8 June 2011

What's new in June!

hi! cold dude234 here! today there is a new post on the club penguin blog. so lets have a look then...
i think the first picture is the exclusive for the shadow ninja outfit... oh yeah, i forgot to mention...a lot  of blogs you may have seen have to shadow ninja outfit exclusive. That IS right but they should NOT be showing you the whole thing, its breaking club penguin rules! so here is the exclusive body item for it.

i think the second one is the penguin band all dressed up for the music jam! and the last one is probably the music jam.

what do you think of my ideas?
Plus of course... here are some dates to remember:

  • June 9: New igloo item catalog
  • June 16: Music Jam = party time!
  • June 23: New member ninja items at the Ninja Hideout
  • and more...

So what are you most excited about this month? Can you guess what's in each of the pictures? Let us know and leave a comment!

-cold dude234

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