Friday, 17 June 2011

new music jam cheats

the music jam is out and here are the cheats!
There are two new boots located at the iceburg and the ski village and the snow forts.It does not load if you are on English so you have to go on forren languages, i went on spanish. here are the booths
                         ICEBURG BOOTH
do you like the clothing? i do! anyway. there is a free item for non-members
dance with this on and your penguin should do this
what's up with the dance though?... anyway. If you are a member and you have the all access pass you can go to the night club rooftop and the backstage! when you are on the night club rooftop they are giving away free boom boxes.

also, member's with the all access pass can go backstage, to get backstage go to the dock, go backstage. once you are there pick up the green tee
dance with the hat on and the green tee and you will do the robot!

awesome right?! click on that music catalogue and click music
you will get drumsticks and a blue little drum! well that's all!  see ya!

-cold dude234

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