Monday, 20 June 2011

i met cadence again

Hey guys! I was messing around before school on cp and i was chatting with my friend when three penguin burst into the town screaming: CADENCE IS COMING!!!!!! just that moment cadence came!  she was awesome! I tried to see if she had a new background but she didn't have a new one :(. anyway, she told us: PARTY ON! then she went  into the night club. when she was in the night club she went near the DJ3K and i asked her' Cadence am i epic cool?' and she replied 'YEAH!' So that totally made my day! anyway! after that she went to the night club rooftop and hung around there for a about a minute and then said: 'CONGA LINE TO CASA!' i went in a conga line with cadence then i thought' maybe i should get to the casa now' then i went to the casa and she was already there! i took some screenies of all the action:

well! that's the lot! do you like these pics? do you like any of this and why? leave a comment and let us know!

-cold dude234


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