Monday, 23 May 2011

new medieval party cheats!

the new medievil party was recently released. here are the cheats:
first go to the cave and go into QUEST 1. your first puzzle is to stand on the pads next to the orbs.

after you have finished go into the gate.your next puzzle is to hit 50 targets. (collect items)
when you have hit all of the targets go into the gate. your next puzzle is a maze. follow these arrows(collect armour):
you have finished the maze!you should now be in this room(pick up the rest of armour):

You have now completed Quest 1! you have also got all of the black armour!

now you are on to quest 2. your first puzzle is to throw snowballs at all the fire and then the big stone dragon will move.:
go through the doorway. the next puzzle is moving the key into the lock thing:
if you think the puzzle is to hard go out of the room and go back in. when you have finished go into the door. there is a room with loads of signs in. there is also a free horse:

go into the next room then you will facing a dragon.
to complete the dragon simply just throw snowballs into the barrel and when it is full the cannon button will go green. press it. do this THREE times and you will have defeated him. go into the gate and you will find yourself  in the dragon's 'home'. there is a free item: dragon's gold and a member pin. toothbrush pin:
you have completed QUEST 2 and got all the armour!

THIS is quest 3. to start of with we have a regular mind puzzle. remember where the marbles are.
next is a button puzzle. first push the red button. then push the blue button, then push the green button then go back to the red button then go to the yellow, push that and go through the other gate to the end!

 (Oh and don't forget to pick up your helmet!)
the next room fives you the next free item and shows you the instructions for fighting YE DRAGONS! put that shield on! it looks helpful!
it is time to face the dragons... go into the next room and defeat them! CHAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGEEEE! To defeat the red dragon throw snowballs at him. to defeat the yellow dragon deflect his hits with your shield. to defeat the blue one throw a snowball at the lava pot at the right time and lava will hurt him.
after you have done that go into the next room. you will find yourself in a kind of castle. collect you armour and go!
Now you have all the armour, dance and you can do this:
I think the medievil party was MINTED! what do YOU think of it? leave a comment and let me know!

-cold dude234

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