Wednesday, 6 April 2011

new treasure book 13!

Yesterday club penguin released a new treasure book! Its pretty lame, its got stuff from old penguin style catalogues.The cheat is also pretty lame, but... here it is!

To find the only set of hidden items, simply click the stone wall. You will then notice the Amethyst Hat and the Amethyst Dress.

this is realllllly bad,( i think) club penguin didn't put much effort into it. they could have done better! anyway... i can understand that a little because there is new events coming up like:
  1. medievil party!
  2. earth day party!
  3. some brand new gear for elite penguins!
  4. and more!
so... i wasn't THAT angry with CP but, next time pleaaaaase try harder!

-cold dude234

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