Thursday, 21 April 2011

eath day party now on!!!

As we know the club penguin earth day has arrived and rockhopper is here!
here are the cheats:

  1. go to the dojo and click on the plant next to the sensei: 

 2. go to the dock and, near the boat there should be an egg:
4.then go to the underground pool and click somewhere on the chair to get the, what i call ' the sensei's egg.':
5. now go to the mine and the egg should be in the tree!:, go to the lodge attic and click on-top of the box:
7. the seventh egg is on the ski mountain:
8. the last egg is at the snow forts:
the prize is a background:
that's all the cheats for the scavenger hunt!

                                     EARTH DAY CHEATS:
as we all know, the club penguin earth day is here! i'm here to show you the latest cheats!
outback exploring hat:
there is a new free item located in the plaza:
that's ALL the earth day cheats! hope you meet rockhopper!

-cold dude234

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