Friday, 25 March 2011

new april fools day stuff!

 here is a new april fools day login screen:
here are a couple of pictures:

thats enough!

The annual April’s Fools Party is now released on Club Penguin. The party includes a members scavenger hunt a free item for non members and the new Box Dimension update. Members are able to access secret rooms and a new catalog. Non Members are able to pick up a new propeller hat.
Scavenger Hunt:

Go to the Snow Forts and into the Box Dimension to access every room below.

1. Go to the Box Dimension and pick up the Box

2. Go to the Dessert Room and pick up the box.
(picture coming soon!)

3. Go to the Doodle Dimension and pick  up the box.
(picture coming soon!)

4. Go to the Space Dimension. Connect the stars in the sky it will form a stapler.

5. Go to the Silly Room and pick up the box off the chair.
(picture coming soon!)

6. Go to the Stair Dimension and pick up the box.

7. Go to the Soda Room and find your way to the caged trap. It will open and pick up the piece.

8.  Go to the Candy Room and click on the spoon. It will dig up the box out of the ice cream.

Now click on the basket in the top right corner and redeem your Box Costume.

After put on the Box Costume and take of every other item. It will open the gate in the Box Dimension and allow you into another dimension.

Now here is what the other dimension looks like:

There is even another secret catalog.there is like a locker by the bottom left on it.

You can get the delivery costume!
                                           how to get the propeller hat:       

1. Go to the Dock, throw as much snowballs as you can at the board.
2. Pick up the Purple Propeller Hat
now you have the purple propeller hat!
this is one a my favorite parties! it is really cool for the members!

~cold dude234~

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