Saturday, 5 March 2011

box creator is fake!!

for all of you who actually think this “Box Creator” is real…
i’m here to prove you wrong.

now look at this.. it’s absolutly FAKE
1. look at his outline and it looks all pixely and club penguin penguins don’t look like that
2. the picture behind him is obviously taken right from the box demension
3. people who have met the “Box Creator” say that they couldn’t
even get the backround because it was glitched
4. all of the REAL famous penguins wear clothes that no one else can get

and that just goes to show that whoever did this hacked club penguin
and is pretending to be a famous penguin such as Rockhopper or Gary

if club penguin new about this they would probably delete him.
they would be in a LOT of trouble! 

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