Wednesday, 2 March 2011

bad stuff and good stuff

OK.there is good stuff and there us bad stuff.good stuff.the pet shop is under construction!
there us a blue print on the on this and it brings this up:
it looks like the player card of the puffle's will be updated.that was some good stuff,here us the bad stuff:
my free item from the puffle party is gone look:
it is normally next to the brown one.but no!next one:
if you look at your pins you will see that the new ones are not there!
try and get it again and this happens:
go to one of them and and this will come up:
it asks if you want to BUY it! plus if that is not crazy it says for undefined coins!here is another bad thing:
The puffle party is over :( .
the party rooms are all the same again.but i figured out something!do you know the curtain in the dance lounge? that is covering the the entrance to the rooftop!
If you don't agree with me,why do you think it is there!? tell me in my chat box!

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