Tuesday, 18 January 2011

new expedition 2011!

the new expedition is here and here is how to do it
first go to the dock and go to the sign
then you will go to a new room there is a free item and it is a black hat. go to the wilderness and follow these in instructions:
Walk over to the Right side, Walk to the top, Walk to the Right Side, Walk to the Bottom, Walk to the Left, Walk to the Bottom, Walk to the Right.
when you have done that you will end up in a room like this you have to click on these things that are circled [click on the image to make it larger]
after that a target will come up and hit a couple of times and the barrel will come up.after that you will go to a place where you have to build a boat[after building the boat non-members cannot go further.]
it should go to the place where you build the boat you have to buy the life jacket for only 50$ amazing!
here is the picture of how to do the boat
it you have to go on it then it will start to sail.like this:
once it finishes you will be on a island and you have to go in to the brown puffle cave.
then you have to click on a leaflet.

it will come up with a letter and on the bottom it will say"ADOPT" click on that and you will pick a name.then you have to go to this boat in the cave.

the boat will lead you to the cove.thats it hope you have a brown puffle!


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