Friday, 10 December 2010

cp constuction!!

Construction has begun for the Holiday Party as well as the Coins For Change event witch starts on the 17th of December!

Looks like the Town is under construction! The Night Club, Dance Lounge and Beach are also under construction!  Lets head over to the Beach to see what Rockhopper has blasted over with his Cannon!

Ohh, Rockhopper has blasted over some Coins For Change Donation Tubes!  Rockhopper has also left a note for us!  Lets Read It!

I be leavin’ these tubes with ye!
Me and Yarr be visitin’ soon
for Coins for Change!

-Rockhopper & Yarr
I wonder what Rockhopper has in store for us… lots of decorations and items, maybe furniture items!  Who knows!

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