Friday, 10 December 2010

Best Ways to get coins on Club Penguin

Catching Grey Fish and the Mullet

A very good strategy to getting 500+ coins ever 5 minutes is by playing the game Ice Fishing. If you are a member, you can buy a Fishing Rod at the Ski Lodge which gets you Grey Fish. Grey Fish are worth 8 points each. For example, getting 10 Grey Fish will result in 80+ coins to your total score. You can also catch the Big Fish, also known as the Mullet. To do so, hold onto a normal yellow fish before the Mullet passes by. Hold up the fish next to the Mullet’s mouth and it will grab onto the fish. You will then earn a bonus 100 coins for catching it. Getting a lot of fish, grey fish and getting the Mullet can result in more than 500 coins per game.

Candy Mode

A great way on getting over 1000 coins in less than 10 minutes is by playing the game Pizzatron 3000. Normal mode gets you a normal amount of coins, but playing on candy mode can you up to 2 x the amount of a normal game. The game starts off slow, but slowly gets rapid. A trick is to put the sprinkles on before the pizza even shows up. Completing the whole game is worth the effort because it gets you some over 1,000 coins in just 10 – 15 minutes! Make sure you bar is switched to Candy Mode before you play the game.

1000 Coin Bonus

A very good way to getting a lot of coins in one single Club Penguin game is by getting the 1000 coin bonus in Jet Pack Adventure. To do this, you have to complete the whole game without achieving a single coin. You might think it’s a waste of time, but getting all the coins in Jet Pack Adventure is only half of the amount you would get if you got the 1000 coin bonus. The trick to not getting a single coin is obviously not to touch a coin during the level, but you must also stay flying on top of the landing pad until your fuel runs out. This way, you will get no bonus coins for extra fuel.

Shooting The Tube

Rather you are a Member or Non-Member, playing the game Catchin’ Waves can get you 1,000 coins in one game by doing one single simple move. Enter the level Freestyle and if you are a Member, wear the Silver Surfboard because it can get you some bonus points at the end. All you have to do is rapidly click the D key on your keyboard and you will be doing some kind of move. Everytime you click the D key, you get 10 points added to your score. Rapidly clicking that button throughout the whole game can get you more than 1000 coins at the end of every game. A tip is to try to go as slow as possible while doing the trick, that way the game is longer which means you can perform the trick more times.

Perfect Employee

By playing the game Bean Counters, you can get up to 600 coins per game. To do this, you have to complete the whole game. Doing this will get you a 60 coin bonus for being a perfect employee. A good tip is to try to unload as many Java Bean Bags as possible, this way you get more coins than you would usually get.

Best Games to get coins on Club Penguin

Puffle Roundup

Puffle Roundup is a game located at the Pet Shop. To my and many other opinions, this game is considered the “Free Coin” game. It’s VERY easy to get coins because all you have to do is round up all the puffles into the little box. A good tip is to always get all the puffles into the box and try to get them in in less than 20 seconds. This will get you almost 100 coins every rounds. Just playing 10 simple rounds gets you 1000 coins! If you play this game for at least 1 hour, you will achieve a total of 10,000 coins.

DJ3K (Mix Music)

The game DJ3K (Mix Music) can be played at the DJ area of the Night Club. Make sure that there’s a tape playing, all the effects are on and that there’s a specific beat playing. Once you see your penguin rocking at the max, start clicking random buttons. Once you’ve done this for just 5 minutes, you will already have 100 – 200 coins. Rocking for 1 hour straight can get you up to 2000 – 3000 coins!

Pizzatron 3000

The game Pizzatron 3000 can be played at the Pizza Parlour. It’s a very fun, addicting game that can earn you more than 1000 coins each game on Candy Mode if you complete all 30 pizzas. It’s hard, but at the same time you have fun playing the game and once you get used to the game, you will be getting more than 1000 coins every 5 minutes. Once you’ve become a complete expert, you can make up to 10,000 coins every hour!

Cart Surfing

Their are a big variety of moves you can do in the game Cart Surfing, but there are 3 that you should mainly do that can you get you up to 500 coins per game. These moves are called the Grind, the Backflip and the Jump Spin. Instead of just turning at a turn, you should grind. To do this, press the down arrow key + the left or right arrow key (depending which way your turning). This will earn you 80 more points than a normal turn.

To perform the backflip, you must press the space + up arrow keys on your keyboard. This is the best move of the game and get’s you a total of 100 points.

After performing the Backflip, you should perform the second best trick: the Jump Spin. It gets you a total of 80 points everytime you do it. To perform the Jump Spin, press the up arrow key + right or left.

Make sure not to perform each trick twice in a row, or you will get half the points you usually get for the trick. Always use the Backflip and Jump Spin back to back to keep getting tons of coins and use the Grind when turning. Doing this every game can get you more than 1000 coins every 5 minutes!

Catchin’ Waves

Like Cart Surfing, Catchin’ Waves has a big variety of tricks you can do while surfing. One of the best moves to do is keep the buttons A, S and D on the keyboard. Also, keep pressing the arrow keys at the same time. Doing this will make you do 2 – 3 tricks at once which. Doing the tricks while spinning in the air also gets you points, but is more difficult. Keep doing a bunch of tricks and you will achieve over 500 coins per game!

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