Saturday, 20 November 2010

water scavenger hunt

stuck on the one the hunt. here are the answers

  • stuck on first one it is at the stadium go there and go to the food stand and there is a drink click on it [it will bounce and then click on it again and you have it this goes for all of the items.]
  • the next one is in the coffee shop go to the sofa and there is a coffee table and there is a mug click on it.
  • Next one is in the pet shop it is the fish bowl by the puffles in a glass cage 
  • this next is in the wood hut that says SURF there is a bottle of water in the SURF 
  • go to the coffee shop and go upstairs there is a book shelf and next to it is a table go to the table there is a mug click on it
  • this one you have to go to the night club go upstairs and again there on one of the tables there is a water bottle
  • the spade and bucket near the light house thats is the next one 
  • the last one is the fish on top of the Dojo first one on the left                               

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