Friday, 26 November 2010

stamp cheats

Recently, Club Penguin added collectible stamps that you can earn on your penguin. You can earn these stamps my completing different tasks on Club Penguin. With these stamps, you can view them in your own stamp book and see what stamps you still need to collect. First, here is how to access your stamp book.
1. Log on to your account and click on your penguin.
2. When your playercard  appears, click on the stamp icon.
Since stamps are unlike pins and you have to earn them, there are different difficulties for each stamp. Check the stamp book guide and category page to find out the difficulty of a stamp.
club penguin stamps cheats
As for collecting stamps, there are different categories that your stamps are placed into. The categories include Events, Games, and Activities. There is also a Pins section, but your stamps are not placed into that category. There are even sub-categories for certain pages, such as the Events and Games category.
The Games category is divided into each mini-game that you can earn stamps in. Here are the games you can earn stamps in on Club Penguin:
  • Thin Ice
  • Card-Jitsu
  • Card-Jitsu Water
  • Card-Jitsu Fire
  • Astro Barrier
  • Puffle Rescue
  • Aqua Grabber
  • Jetpack Adventure
  • Catchin’ Waves
  • Cart Surfer
  • Missions

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