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look at the dojo it is celebrating card jitsu water with loads of water things.[ look beneath] looks cool don it ??????and if you didn`t know. the waterfall is where you play card jitsu water. i am on the 3rd two last piece. i will be putting loads more pics soon and i am a fire ninga. and now you can earn stamps for card jitsu water, normal and fire!!! cool right???
You can become a Water Ninja by playing the popular mini game Card-Jitsu Water at the Water Dojo on Club Penguin. Becoming a Water Ninja gets you several Water Ninja items which you can customize on your penguin and you can earn stamps on Club Penguin by playing it! Here is the complete Club Penguin Cheats Guide to Card-Jitsu Water:
Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Water Cheats
To start playing Card-Jitsu Water on Club Penguin, follow the simple instructions below. Note: You must be a member to play Card-Jitsu Water!
1. Login Club Penguin
2. Go to the Dojo Courtyard
3. Go to the Ninja Hideout
4. Click on the blue stone on the right of the Ninja Hideout
5. Go inside the Card-Jitsu Water entrance

Now that you are inside the Water Dojo, talk to The Water Sensei located at the top of the Water Dojo. Once you reach Sensei, click “yes” to start talking to him.

Before beginning playing Card-Jitsu Water, you will automatically get the Card-Jitsu Water Starter Deck added to your account. Once you’ve completed this, there will be 3 categories you can choose from:
  • Earn Your Water Suit
  • Challenge Sensei
  • Instructions
Click the “Earn Your Water Suit” button to begin playing Card-Jitsu Water.

How to play Card-Jitsu Water:
Card-Jitsu Water is all based on how high the number of your card is. When playing, you will have to pick a card that is moving at the bottom of your screen. Once you’ve picked a card, use it to get rid of it’s opposite element or use it to start getting rid of it’s opposite element. Sometimes it takes longer to get rid of the opposite element because it’s stronger than others. Having a power card will help you win matches faster and easier because it destroys it’s opposite element faster. If you are confused of what I am saying, here are examples:
  • Throwing level 2 – 5 water on a weak fire = Fire disappears
  • Throwing level 2 – 5 fire on a weak snow = Snow disappears
  • Throwing level 2 – 5 snow on a weak water = Water disappears
  • Throwing level 2 – 5 water on a medium fire = Fire almost disappears
  • Throwing level 2 – 5 fire on a medium snow = Snow almost disappears
  • Throwing level 2 - 5 snow on a medium water = Water almost disappears
  • Throwing level 9+ water on a strong fire = Fire disappears

There are many more options, but the options listen above are to help you understand what eliminates what. Once you get rid of an element in front of you, your penguins will automatically move up one spot. The first penguin to reach the top of the waterfall without falling off is the winner of the the match. The winning penguin will hit the gong and a giant waterfall will knock out all the other penguins. If you are one of the penguins that are knocked out by the waterfall, you will be placed according to how close you were to the top.

After winning a certain amount of Card-Jitsu Water games, you will earn a Water Ninja item. Here is the legend of the Water Ninja items and how long it takes to earn each one:
After winning a certain amount of Card-Jitsu Water games, you will earn a Water Ninja item. Here is the legend of the Water Ninja items and how long it takes to earn each one:
  • Wave Sandals (8 – 10 wins)
  • Waterfall Coat (25 – 30 wins)
  • Torrent Mask (55 – 60 wins)
  • Helmet of Oceans (95 – 105 wins)
  • Water symbol to Amulet (Defeat Sensei)

Once you’ve earned the Helmet of Oceans, you will be capable of defeating Sensei. If you challenge him before you earned the Helmet of Oceans, Sensei will basically walk through every element and win in less than 10 seconds. Don’t forget that you can check your progress to see how close you are until the next achievement by clicking the 3 Card-Jitsu Cards in the lower-right corner!

Finally, when you have earned all of the Water Ninja items you will be able to do a special Water Ninja dance on Club Penguin! To do so, wear the Wave Sandals, Waterfall Coat, Torrent Mask, Helmet of Oceans, Amulet (with the water symbol) and click the D key on your keyboard. It will look like this:

 oh yeh and by the way that is not me!!                                                      


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